Week 1

July 7, 2008 § Leave a comment

6/30 M: 2.17 mi (15 min)
7/1 T: 5.95 mi (50 min)
7/2 W: no time
7/3 R: 5.95 mi (50 min)
7/4 F: 5.95 mi (1 hr)
7/5 St: not enough sleep
7/6 Sn: failure—intended 13 mi, instead ran 2 mi and turned around: not enough sleep

Week Total: 22 miles

The week before went great, but this week I had so much trouble getting to sleep after work.  Depression started kicking in.  But bad sleep means bad running, so I need to do something about this—sleeping pills, slapping myself and just getting over it—whatever it takes, as long as I don’t gravitate towards the computer again.

Taking today off, too.  I’ll kick it back in tomorrow, because I will get a good night’s sleep tonight.  This is the problem for saving long runs for when they’re scheduled instead of getting them all in when you’re feeling up for it.  I think I’ll use the online marathon schedule more as a flexible minimum-guideline.  I’ve got a fairly good idea of how my body works by now, anyhow, and I seem to be pretty capable of whipping up a 40- or 50-mile week out of nowhere, as last week shows (I hadn’t done very much consistent running the couple of weeks before that).  

I need NIN on an iPod again.


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