More shiny new ideas…

August 10, 2008 § 1 Comment

Up til 4ish for the second night morning night in a row.  I don’t quite remember what was going on yesterday, but today… I’ve been obsessed with thinking about recitals.  I spent my phone shift at work tonight looking over my scores and putting together a rough program, as well as starting to freak out about how I’m going to make this all work in time.  Cautiously and casually mentioned its existence to a few co-workers during the past two nights, and their enthusiastic response has much encouraged me.  

Tonight down in the office, with my Chopin score sprawled open on the desk…
Demetri (manager):”What’s this?  Who is reading music?”
Me: “Oh… I am.”
Demetri: “What do you play?”
Me: “Piano.”
Demetri: “Oooh… I love piano!”

Awww, how does that not warm your heart?  Because seriously, he did look as though he genuinely, whole-heartedly loved it.

So yes, I’ve got one coming up in 11 weeks.  But after that?  What then?  What about all this other great music out there that I have got to play?  I’ve been YouTubing and doing research in my own iTunes library for the past 4 hours… I’ve decided that before I leave San Francisco/CA for Rhode Island (might as well throw all the nice, shiny, distracting ideas together to make one giant, conglomerate Uber-Fantasy) or whatever big, exciting thing comes next in my life, I need to do at least one more recital.  One non-rushed recital, fantastically done, only music that I want to play, lots of it, and done right—all memorized and as polished as I can make it.  Man oh man.  I wish I had a real piano in my room (not one like the ones in the UCD practice rooms) and neighbors/roommates who didn’t care.  I’m kind of wanting to pull an all-niter (does that word apply if it’s not for school work or wild partying?) to start getting things done, and I feel this awkward blend of exhaustion and infinite energy.  

Mania, anyone?


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  • Jenny says:

    Katrina! Have you decided on a program yet? This is SO exciting! Play some Scriabin or szymanowsky. What about Ravel? What else? Haydn’s sonatas are pretty neat too! Let me know! I wish I could attend!

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