September 20, 2008 § Leave a comment

At this point, I have skipped every one of my classes exactly once due to exhaustion, so that’s my personal allowance for the semester.  And only 5 weeks in.  Damn.  Whatever.  I’ll be so glad when it’s all over, and there’s no way that I’m taking more than three classes next time.  I’m so behind in things and so tired that instead of frugally using every moment of spare time to catch up or get ahead, my brain goes into potato mode and doesn’t want to do anything but veg.  I feel like I’m trying to climb my way back up a slippery brick wall in the pouring rain.  It’s not too bad, because it’s not like it’s hailing, but it does seem almost hopeless at times.

I finally finished my flyer design and started copying and cutting and handing them out.  It’s a bigger production that I realized at first, and it’s teaching me about the frustrations of not being familiar enough with the printing process to make designing go smoothly.  I’m getting the hang of layers, if nothing else.  At least that is somewhat encouraging.  Anyway, this whole ordeal sparked newfound terror in me at the prospect of how many people I am going to pass these out to, and how many people I am going to add to my facebook invite list.  Not enough to encourage a frenzied practice session after a long day of being tired since the moment I awoke.  Yet.

Seriously, though, come winter break, I am going to ENJOY myself.


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