Starting again…

May 20, 2009 § Leave a comment

I bet people don’t even read this anymore, it’s been nearly half a year since I’d started it… but no matter. That only means less pressure.

My last class of the semester was this past Monday. That annual report I was working on for my final project nearly kicked my butt, but I made it through, and did a decent job with a whopping amount of effort, at least. Now I can forget about it until I pick up my teacher’s comments on it in August or September… and it feels really nice. I was working on it until maybe 2 or 3 am the night before, and ended up buying almost $70 in royalty-free stock photos, just so I could get graphics big enough that they didn’t look all pixelated after I’d made them fit the page. Whatever—it’s done. 

Anyway, I’ve had the past two days since then completely free—no work, even. It was liberating yet strangely unpleasant at the same time. Even though I slept as much as I wanted to, I was still exhausted for at least half the days, and didn’t have the energy to do much, but I was still bored and listless. I practiced some piano, though, which was nice. I did some cleaning, which was also nice. I took a long walk, which I hadn’t done in a long time, which was nice, as well. Well, needless to say, I’m tired of sitting back and “relaxing”, and I’m going to delve into work straight away tomorrow… never mind how exhausted I may be at first. Sometimes you just gotta take a plunge. And it can’t be worse than last week, or the week before that, or the week before that.

I just got my info for the RISD summer program, too. It’s exciting how I was blabbing about RISD so much a year ago… and now I get to go, for four weeks. I’ve been pretty excited, and I finally read through the info, like stuff we have to bring… but apparently, they have extra long twin beds, and you have to provide your own sheets. WTF, man? Do I have to actually buy these special bed sheets for these four weeks that I’m never going to use at any other time? And bring my own desk lamp? Really? This program better be worth it…

Until then, though, there’s plenty for me to do. I can’t stand being idle—it makes me depressed and drives me slightly mad. I need to start scoping out interesting blogs, particularly design-related and political ones, and I need to start blogging regularly myself, and have interesting things to say. I need to learn html, and learn how to make my own website. I need to buff up on the different periods in design history, typography, look through other designers’ portfolios, get better at photography and Illustrator and Photoshop, analyzing magazine publications and posters and signs that I see around me. There’s so much to do, and I’m going to start chipping away at it because I can’t wait around for classes to teach me something. Eventually perhaps I’ll have my blog up on my own site, whenever I get that started, but for now, this one will do.

Ciao for now. Be back soon.


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