Day 2.

August 28, 2009 § Leave a comment

Not bad, I guess. Ups and downs. Ups are up and downs sure are down.

Emotions are tricky. They depend on everything a person’s been through and experiences throughout the course of his or her life, and somehow they are supposed to make sense or work with other people’s.

It’s important to be patient. And ultra understanding. Understanding of what you may not understand. Understanding that people are trying to do what’s right. Understanding that their own emotions can make this difficult for them to know how to do it. Understanding that everyone has different pasts, and that those pasts have their consequences. Understanding when your emotions are making understanding a difficult task for yourself.

Most importantly, what I need (besides theoretical musings) is to get through this semester. I need to stop looking back and stop looking too far ahead. Who cares where I’ll be in ten years. Five years. Three years. Two years. I need to be somewhere specific in EIGHT MONTHS and that’s with a good portfolio looking for WORK. And in under nine hours I need to be sitting in class.


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