Midnight fancies.

September 23, 2009 § Leave a comment

I got home from class 3 hours ago, and I still haven’t started on homework, which there is much of. Why is that? Because my mind has been scheming again.

How does a 6-day trip to NYC in November sound? So far it’s only $239 on Virgin. I could take full advantage of a non-class Friday to make four full days in the Big Apple—excluding travel time—really happen. Why a random trip to NYC? Because I’ve been thinking about applying to Parsons School of Design for an AAS in Graphic Design, either for next Fall or the following Spring. I’d been thinking longingly about NYC for a while now, and I’m not convinced of my job-snagging abilities directly following the obtainment of this certificate from CCSF. Might as well go now, when I’ll still be 24 or 25. Anyway, I’d get a chance to visit Parsons and other design schools in the area as well, check out the MOMA again, see what artsy and interesting events might be going on while I’m there, take a good meandering around the parts of the boroughs that I haven’t explored sufficiently enough, and visit some friends while I’m there, too. See if I might want to make this leap or not.

And while my mind is racing along, how does an all-niter plus a 5am run sound? No semester is complete without at least one all-niter… plus, I don’t run enough. Here I go! Totally gonna hate myself tomorrow and the day after (and probably the day after that) if I do this… but that’s what being young is all about, right? 😉

P.S. Happy Birthday, Dad! even though you don’t read this.


A thousand words.

September 21, 2009 § Leave a comment

I’ve been busy lately, without much time to post… but here’s my first creative project in Photoshop: “Genetic Engineering”. I know it’s not quite perfect, but enjoy!

P.S. It’s such a pain to get ready in the morning…

Genetic Engineering


September 8, 2009 § Leave a comment

I love the world. I love the richness of the sights and the sounds, the warm scent and feel of the air on my skin, the strength of my legs guiding me across the earth, moments of of unspoken meaning and the taste of a misty morning. And therefore, I love you.

A marathon by any other name…

September 8, 2009 § Leave a comment

wouldn’t be the San Francisco Marathon.

And I’ve decided to run it this coming July. Two hour-and-a-half runs these past two mornings have convinced me. I’m starting to sense a trend here, but at least I’m being sensible about it, watching what I eat and getting in shape. This is probably going to be the healthiest I’ve been in a really long time, and I’m happy about that. It’s nice to have a concrete goal to focus on apart from school. 

It’s strange, but I seem to be adjusting. I keep slipping back and forth, and while I’m still quite a ways from it, each time I edge a tiny bit closer towards recovery. It’s sometimes hard to understand how this is even possible… but I know it’s probably for the best. And it’s all in pretty good timing.

(Still, there are some things that I hope I won’t forget.)

This is what I want.

September 2, 2009 § Leave a comment

I want to train for another marathon. I want to put on that recital, finally. It will take a while, but I’m going to do it. I want to finish this design certificate and start working. And I want to take a trip again outside the U.S. I’ve never been to Central or South America. Or Spain. And it’d be nice to go to Australia again, too. I could take short trips, or, if I establish myself to do freelance pretty decently in a couple of years, I could go for extended periods if I wanted to. I don’t turn 30 for another six years or so, and I might as well use this time to do whatever I can and whatever I want. I could move to anywhere in the country, look for jobs in New York, or Chicago, or Seattle, or Boston, and not worry about taking other people with me or feeling like I have to think hard about anyone else. I have friends all over anyway, so it shouldn’t be too difficult to manage.

I would probably come back eventually. And maybe this is just a crazy half-phase I’m in. But I know I need to do something different. Again.

I know. This happens every single time. You could call it running away. You could call it trying to change myself. I’m not sure what it is. But I feel stuck, and maybe this is a way of the universe—or, if you’re opposed to that notion, my subconscious—showing me a new possibility. I need to be a little uncomfortable and struggle a bit, and then something might come of it. It might turn out to not be a good idea… but you could also say that about the alternative.

Before all that: school. I can do nothing if I can’t get through this year.

Quote of the week: “When I get sad, I stop being sad and be awesome instead.”
I am going to be sooo awesome.

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