Midnight fancies.

September 23, 2009 § Leave a comment

I got home from class 3 hours ago, and I still haven’t started on homework, which there is much of. Why is that? Because my mind has been scheming again.

How does a 6-day trip to NYC in November sound? So far it’s only $239 on Virgin. I could take full advantage of a non-class Friday to make four full days in the Big Apple—excluding travel time—really happen. Why a random trip to NYC? Because I’ve been thinking about applying to Parsons School of Design for an AAS in Graphic Design, either for next Fall or the following Spring. I’d been thinking longingly about NYC for a while now, and I’m not convinced of my job-snagging abilities directly following the obtainment of this certificate from CCSF. Might as well go now, when I’ll still be 24 or 25. Anyway, I’d get a chance to visit Parsons and other design schools in the area as well, check out the MOMA again, see what artsy and interesting events might be going on while I’m there, take a good meandering around the parts of the boroughs that I haven’t explored sufficiently enough, and visit some friends while I’m there, too. See if I might want to make this leap or not.

And while my mind is racing along, how does an all-niter plus a 5am run sound? No semester is complete without at least one all-niter… plus, I don’t run enough. Here I go! Totally gonna hate myself tomorrow and the day after (and probably the day after that) if I do this… but that’s what being young is all about, right? 😉

P.S. Happy Birthday, Dad! even though you don’t read this.


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