Countdown: 7 months

October 25, 2009 § Leave a comment

Yes, my friends, the SF Marathon is on July 25, and I am super excited about it this morning.

Registration hasn’t opened yet, but I have been checking the website obsessively, and have even started to follow them on Twitter, but still no word! Looking at the course map, I couldn’t help smiling—I know these paths well this time, unlike NY, which I ran without really knowing where I would be running into but just went with the flow and whatever happened to come up. This time I can train specific areas over and over until I know every hill and turn like an old friend (which I almost already do) to my heart’s content.

I’ve been a little sleep-deprived and still only slept about 5 hours and change last night, but I’m pumped to go running. Right after breakfast. You know, I’m really starting to become partial to pasta for breakfast. Whole-grain, with leftover sautéed veggies, is totally the way to go. I’m thinking of working my way slowly towards vegetarianism again. But no real commitment yet.

Anyway, talking about being excited about marathons… amidst all the stress of school and work this semester, I’ve naturally started planning out my running year for 2010. No more four classes while working is what I’ve decided, which should give me a little extra bit of time for running and recovery. The tentative, bare-bones plan:

Feb 7—Kaiser SF Half
July 25—SF Marathon
Oct  17—Nike Women’s Half Marathon
Nov 28—Seattle Marathon

I’ll definitely flesh it out with shorter distances, too 🙂 Perhaps Bridge-to-Bridge again? (P.S. Isn’t that Seattle skyline gorgeous? I’d be interested in meeting the Fremont Troll, too.)


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