November 30, 2009 § Leave a comment

Napped from 5pm til 8pm. Now sleeping from 5am til 9am. That’s plenty of sleep, right?

Semester, please end soon.


Plans for Winter Break

November 11, 2009 § 2 Comments

  • Thoroughly clean the house
  • Organize everything I own
  • Get into top shape
  • Try new recipes
  • Major portfolio work
  • Photography practice
  • Sleep… rest… etc.

…which I should be doing right now. I’ve become super stressed out this week, and what has my response been? To be as lazy and idle as ever. Well, I did get a stroke of inspiration earlier this evening, but that was … earlier. It’s 5.5 weeks til the end of the semester, til all my projects have to be finished and refined to the best of my ability. It seems crazy that I’ve reached this point already. I guess it’s been a pretty nice past couple of months, though. Life is good.

I arrive in NYC in less than 36 hours from now. I’m trying to pack and make my bed at the same time, but I really should be sleeping. Gotta be on the bus in about six hours…

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