17 more days, trying to retain my sanity.

December 1, 2009 § Leave a comment

I’ve been zombie-tired all day and tried to go to bed a couple hours ago at 5pm (yeah, I know), but I’m still up. I was really stressed earlier because I have a lot to do, and my energy and concentration have been waning! I have:
  • My storybook, of course—I need to add more graphics (no!), get all the digital files cleaned up and ready to print by Thursday so that I can start sewing it together so that it’s an actual bound book by next Tuesday.
  • My poster for Illustrator class… I’m about 4 weeks behind on that assignment.
  • A coupon I promised I’d make for a co-worker that needs to be ready by Saturday.
  • About 4 different assignments for typography.
  • My Photoshop assignment.
  • Christmas party invites for my family that need to be sent out ASAP.

I was thinking, though, that maybe I’ll drop a class for next semester and just take two. Maybe I could use the extra time to get better at illustration and photography, and to finish up all those odds and ends projects that I’ve promised to people since last year but never got around to. Take some time off from this storybook (after I turn it in of course) and revisit it after a bit of time so I can make it better and redo all the bits whose corners I’ve cut because of deadlines. Go out and do things in the city and take advantage of all the events and museums and let them be more of a part of my education, because if all I do is schoolwork all the time I might as well live in Idaho, right? I’d still only have to take two classes in the Fall, I could build up my portfolio with all of my personal projects and try to get better at self-motivation and at setting deadlines for myself. (And run more.)

Mkay, well there’s my semesterly epiphanic rant, I’ll settle down now! It made me start to feel better about things, anyway. This weekend will probably still be ridiculous and busy, but I should be able to at least breathe a bit. Just can’t give up, gotta keep forging through the next two and a half weeks without killing myself or gaining weight from stress-eating. Boo to stress-eating.

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