Looking back.

December 29, 2009 § Leave a comment

Five years ago, I was in the middle of my sophomore year at Davis, living in my first apartment, thinking I wanted to transfer to some fancy music school.

Two years ago, I was ecstatic to be back home from Cambridge and thinking of quitting my masters program at my fancy music school. Wasn’t sure what else I was going to do, though—I was without direction, employment, or my own place.

One year ago, I had just finished my first real semester of graphic design, feeling sufficiently satisfied and humbled at the same time, and with my first marathon under my belt. I was looking forward to the next semester of classes, and really looking forward to the arrival of February.

Six months ago, I was in Providence starting my summer classes at RISD, feeling awed by my surroundings and excited to actually be there, equipped with a brand-new digital camera and funded completely by my own savings, visiting the MOMA in New York and the International Poster Gallery in Boston on free weekends.

Now here I am. My mind in a whirl trying to apply for a part-time design job and a fancy design school and save up several tens of thousands of dollars for said fancy design school. Longing to be in New York eight months from now to mark the one-year anniversary of my pledge of resilience and self-sufficiency, by which time I’ll have run a second marathon with a nice fat PR.

I’m hoping that, when I make it there, it’ll be as good as I’m hyping it up to be. New Year, I’m trusting you with a lot of my aspirations, but I’ll be sure to do my part, too. (And waste less paper—definite priority!) Resilience, optimism, and dedication.


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