A New Year

January 1, 2010 § Leave a comment

A couple thoughts:

  • It’s probably best to start pronouncing “2010” as “twenty-ten.” It makes sense if you think about it.
  • My New Year’s Resolutions include recycling, reducing, reusing, and composting more; doing thorough cleanings once a month; and writing one design-related post per week… let’s say on Mondays.

I decided to start applying earlier for schools about a week ago, and I have yet to get a real move on that. Pratt has an earlier deadline than I expected, and I’ve started wondering whether the schools I’ve had my eyes on are really the ones that I want to invest $40,000-$80,000 on. There’s always the matter of school education v.s. self-motivation… I won’t pretend that I’m not a little anxious about what lies ahead because I’m not sure what to expect. But it’s probably not a bad idea to try winging it for a while… so long as I make any large monetary investments worth my while.

I kinda like the way “January 1, 2010” looks, though.


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