Paula Scher Interview

February 22, 2010 § Leave a comment

Here’s a Paula Scher interview that I just found off my handy twitter feed this morning (I knew twitter would have throw some enlightening gems my way every so often when I first signed up for it a few months ago). It’s a really good interview, really interesting (I tend to get bored and lose interest when I read things, even in subjects that I like, but this one was somehow really engaging), and the interview itself was designed on the page in a really nice way. Paula Scher makes some interesting points: that the responsibility of the designer is to “raise the expectation of what design can be”, and that, while designers tend to embrace cultural and other “good-for-society” work and shun corporate work, corporate work is what reaches audiences at a daily level, so well-designed corporate material can achieve this goal. She also touches upon what makes “good” and “bad” design, her experiences with different clients—what they’re looking for and what their responsibilities are, and the way that her design work evolves in cycles. All in all, a great interview. Reminds me that I need to read up more on both her and Pentagram.



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I tell everyone that I’m not worrying about any of this, but once in a while, I slip up a bit.

My friend Alicia just heard from Duke that she’s been accepted into their nursing program. This is very exciting news, and I’m so happy for her—no need to resort to back-up applications for this girl! At the same time, it makes me a little nervous about my own prospects. Parsons still hasn’t received my UCD transcript two weeks after it was supposed to have arrived, so I’m ordering another one to be sent to them (at a pretty penny) tomorrow morning. I have a pretty reasonable Plan B, and I know that worrying won’t do any good, and I’ve been saying that I’ll just hear about it when I do and I’m not even checking when exactly I’m supposed to hear from them… I know there are always options, but I am a little nervous right now anyway. 

Other than that, life is just peachy. I’m becoming more and more comfortable with my place here in SF, that if NY doesn’t work out, I’ll definitely be just fine.

Starting strong.

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One of the problems with running is how tired it sometimes makes me for the rest of the day. Not saying that it’s not worth it, though.

Serious marathon training started this week. Going to try to follow this handy training program; but I’m combining the intermediate and advanced plans because I’ve got more than 16 weeks. It’s interesting to try to actually train for a goal time this time. In an ideal world, I aim for 8:00/mile, which is a little ridiculous, but it never hurts to aim high.

Loving the mileage.


February 13, 2010 § Leave a comment

After a certain hour, it doesn’t seem reasonable to go to sleep.

There’s something magical about the hours of 3 and 4 am. It’s so dark and quiet and still, and it feels like all the world but you is in deep slumber, dreaming dreams, resting their weary bodies. It’s just me and my iTunes right now. Been working on homework after getting home from work 3 hours ago. It’s almost as though this strange moment is a dream in itself.

It’s easy to feel lonely at this hour.

I’ve reached the point where I no longer want to go back. Life has moved on, and I’ve pretty much caught up. It’s strange to think of how much time has already gone by. Right now what I feel is mostly fascination, that my life was what it was before, that I felt what I felt, that I saw what I saw, that what I find silly now was not the slightest bit ridiculous before, and that what I said was the truest that I could have said. It’s strange that that was me, that that was my world. These things are useless to mull over, of course, but it just comes naturally at times like these. Talk about dreams.

When we die, does our life flash before our eyes? Do all the lives we lived, all the selves we were, play in fast-forward? Do our hearts remember all the little hurts, fears, rages, joys? Once upon a time, I thought that I knew.

2am/3am reflections.

February 2, 2010 § Leave a comment

I am learning to keep track of how much time I spend on things. Like how many hours I spend on design. And how much time I waste online. Not a bad idea at all.

I got in some good runs last week, so I’m feeling pretty good about next Sunday’s half marathon. Bring it on, I say, bring it on.

I dropped my third class, and I am relishing my extra time. It is absolutely delightful. I’ve been spending more time with my family, which I’ve actually been finding really enjoyable. I’m feeling a tiny bit more organized and am trying for more.

I’ve also started to find the tiny imperfections in my life kind of comforting.

I just recently submitted my design school applications, complete with little issues with transcripts and portfolio work and personal statements that, in a perfect world, would be polished to a glossy shine before submitted. But you know, whatever. I don’t even know when I expect to hear from the schools, and I’ll just keep it that way until I do. School or no school won’t keep me from doing what I do.

I’m in love with nothing, and therefore in love with everything. In love and lonely and at peace like in a dream when I’m flying by floating from place to place and propelled by a mixture of my own free will and the will of the universe. I’m in love, love love love love.

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