February 16, 2010 § Leave a comment

I tell everyone that I’m not worrying about any of this, but once in a while, I slip up a bit.

My friend Alicia just heard from Duke that she’s been accepted into their nursing program. This is very exciting news, and I’m so happy for her—no need to resort to back-up applications for this girl! At the same time, it makes me a little nervous about my own prospects. Parsons still hasn’t received my UCD transcript two weeks after it was supposed to have arrived, so I’m ordering another one to be sent to them (at a pretty penny) tomorrow morning. I have a pretty reasonable Plan B, and I know that worrying won’t do any good, and I’ve been saying that I’ll just hear about it when I do and I’m not even checking when exactly I’m supposed to hear from them… I know there are always options, but I am a little nervous right now anyway. 

Other than that, life is just peachy. I’m becoming more and more comfortable with my place here in SF, that if NY doesn’t work out, I’ll definitely be just fine.


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