Love v.s. Hate

March 26, 2010 § Leave a comment

I love my Kipling book. I love it because of all the time and sleepless hours I poured into its design and illustrations, I love it because it’s my first book, and I love it because I feel like it’s my greatest accomplishment as a designer thus far. And the binding! I love that I learned how to sew my own signatures and to craft my own hard-cover, perfect-bound book. Gluing and all.

I hate the gluing.

And I hate typos.

If only I had proof-read my book closer. Of course, though, I was stressed and tired and crunched for time, so I let it slide. As a consequence, I’ve had to make 2 more books, both of which I completed a mere couple of hours ago. The typos are (hopefully… actually they’d better be) gone and I got schmanzier book cloth, but the binding has been a bitch. It sucks to be a perfectionist who is also a sloppy, impatient gluer. Glue! It’s made ripples in my pages and glued some of them together and created little tears in places that had to be carefully and hopefully ripped back apart. WHY, why why why WHY.

There’s my rant.

And it’s 3:30.

My Spring Break has started.

And I am still up. Doing nothing. Nothing particularly productive, and nothing particularly fun.

I blame my messy room. No one wants to do the right thing when you’re in your own messy room.



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