A journey of a thousand miles starts with…

August 8, 2010 § Leave a comment

five hours of walking?

When I was in high school, I took sick pleasure in going on really long walks. It didn’t really matter that they weren’t very exciting, like if they only went along Anza or Geary until I reached an arbitrary turn-around point, though I did once take a delightful stroll through the Marina-ish that I thought was the best thing ever. I remembered thinking that someday I would love to just walk and walk and walk all day until my feet ached so good and I could walk no more.

(Yes, I have always been a little melodramatic.)

Well, there is certainly plenty of street in San Francisco for that (enough for a good marathon route, at the very least), but there is definitely plee-enty of street for that in New York. Yes, today I got home (home!) from my 4 hours of shut-eye on my flight from SFO and, instead of taking a nap like a normal, healthy person would, I headed out and walked all the way from 142nd Street to 12th Street, weaving in and around Central Park and various street fairs as I went. I attempted to do a good exploration of Brooklyn, but after meandering in confused loops for a half hour or so around the Bedford L stop, I decided that this task was probably better suited to another day, when I was fresh from a full night’s sleep and a proper meal plan that consisted of something more substantial than a few peaches and tangerines. And yes, my feet now ache plenty good, and I certainly have no will to walk any more today.

Central Park is way bigger than I expect it to be every time I visit it. I would love to get lost in it on aimless runs when I get my energy back up. And Williamsburg is every bit as much Hipster Central as everyone has warned me about, but I think I would actually delight in a little bit of hipster in my neighborhood right now should I discover a nice room for a nice amount of rent. Oh, apartment hunting. I’m sure it will go so much more smoothly when I try it hydrated and with an actual game plan.


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