August 9, 2010 § 1 Comment

There isn’t anything terribly interesting to report back about Day 2 of the Great Apartment Hunt, so instead I will say a bit about my Temporary Living Quarters. I’m currently staying in a nice little apartment in Harlem/Morningside that belongs to my friend Laura. My fellow sublet-er for the next 10 days curiously hasn’t shown up yet, but meanwhile I am still in the company of Two Rogue Cats. Yes, that’s what they are. Leon and Remy are their names, and they may look at you all innocently, but really they are plotting terrible things. I know this because they are cats. Behold:

That’s right, don’t let them fool you. Leon likes to jump onto the dining room table whenever he senses that it will be inconvenient for whoever is using the table for apartment-searching purposes, and Remy used his master mind-control this evening to will my tortillas to fall from the “coincidentally” poorly-sealed package onto the floor. Luckily for my grocery budget, I am a believer in the 3-second rule.

Anyway, the search continues tomorrow. I am thinking that if all else fails, I could always get a fold-up apartment similar to these little things and just take it with me or set it up on a friendly tree-lined corner of Prospect or Central Park. Yes, I know the ones in the pictures are for little kids, but mine would obviously be much more elaborate and come with better amenities.

Also, just for fun: Do you like cheese?


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