The search continues.

August 12, 2010 § Leave a comment

I am emotionally exhausted.

Today I looked a little in Williamsburg/Hipster Central and Prospect Heights. None of the specific apartments that I looked at were worth considering. BUT there were charming little points to each neighborhood, and I even found my dream neighborhood in the middle of Prospect Heights. (Never mind that one of the open houses I went to, several blocks away from said Dream Neighborhood, was nothing like what my elevating hopes led me to expect. I was a little bit crushed. But at least I know that my Dream Neighborhood does, in fact, exist—never mind that there’s nothing open that I can afford. Just knowing it’s there and is not a mere legend is a small comfort.)

I am nearing my wits’ end about all of this, but I don’t want to disregard the kindness of people I’ve emailed for advice, or of the friends of mine who have put me in contact with them. I am very thankful. And am still a little patient and hopeful. If I thought it would only take 5 days, I wouldn’t have arrived here until maybe the 23rd of August.

At the very least, I’ve seen a decent range of places—tiny, dinky, cramped apartments in Morningside; beautifully renovated apartments in questionable neighborhoods in Crown Heights and in Bedford-Stuyvesant; a lopsided, dinky apartment in Williamsburg; a cramped, midget basement apartment with dysfunctional closet doors in Crown Heights… and I’m starting to get a feeling of what’s out there and where I should be concentrating my efforts. Perhaps.

A little row of brownstones, and oh, the trees! It was breathtaking. I fell in love.

Le sigh.

Friendly geese! Little joys on a drizzly Thursday afternoon.

How ironic. Isn't it? It must be.

And speaking of hipster… ::•heart•::
This kind of almost makes up for my disappointment today.


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