Settling in.

August 26, 2010 § Leave a comment

Hello again, dear readers! Just a quick entry to prove that I haven’t abandoned this blog again. I’ve been keeping myself busy with orientation week and getting my new apartment together little by little. It’s coming along, though my roommate and I are wrestling with a few hurdles along the way–our fridge doesn’t shut or keep milk fresh, we won’t be getting our mailbox key by the end of the month, and we’re afraid to eat or cook or store food in the apartment because we’ve been sharing the space with some uninvited six-legged “friends”–but, you know, our power outlets work, the shower functions, the neighborhood is safe and A and I get along really well, so things could definitely be worse! Traps have been set, the exterminator comes Monday, and hopefully the rest of the issues will get resolved shortly afterward. I’ve finally set up all my furniture in my bedroom, though, which is fantastic. No pictures yet, because our lack of internet has me typing up this entry on my phone.

I have a zen-like patience and positive attitude about all of this because, hey, I’m in New York.

Parsons is amazing. Every cent I’m paying in tuition appears to be put to good use, and it is so nice to be going to a school that isn’t poor. There are plenty of labs with 24″ computer monitors, different types of printers, and laser and plasma cutters in case I want to, you know, cut through inch-thick pieces of sheet metal. I get access to the libraries in NYU and Cooper Union, entry into museums like MOMA, lifetime career services and a server to host my own website lasting even after I graduate… and faculty that is dedicated to pushing us to achieve more and more and more all the time. Some of the projects that I’ve seen coming out of Parsons are so innovative and inspiring: there’s one called the “Eyewriter” that allows people who are paralyzed to continue to create artwork on a special computer program using their eye movement. I am so psyched to start classes on Monday, so ready to struggle and bleed through the semester and come out alive and kicking, so glad that I chose this school to attend and, yes, so going to train to PR at Boston while all of this is going on.

New York, I love you.


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