Back in busy-ness.

September 14, 2010 § Leave a comment

Hello world! I feel like I’ve had no time for anything but sucky entries lately, but things are getting busy and a little hectic. I’ve an apartment move coming up on Friday, which is a huge relief but a lot of work; and Parsons is starting to pile on the assignments and expectations, but I’m jumping into it gladly and am now so thankful that I did not do anything stupid like try to add an 8th class or get a job or grab an internship—these seven classes will be plenty. Also, the $7/day challenge is moot. I have other things to worry about, but soon I will be able to cook and make sandwiches to bring to school on a regular basis (such a luxury!).

That’s the cliff-notes version of my life right now. In place of better personal updates, for the next while I’ll be posting the progress I’m making on my web design project for class. That will be far more interesting anyway.

So for my Interactive/Web class, we have to create a website for a local establishment near where we live. I chose Rose and Joe’s Italian Bakery, and quaint little hole in the wall full of yummy treats that’s just by my subway stop.

Here is my Moodboard and here is my Creative Brief. I was going for imagery suggested by the words home, welcome, familiar, yours, nostalgic, comfort, local gem, secret, homemade, casual, grandma’s, variety, dependable, neighborhood, community.


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