September 19, 2010 § Leave a comment

I decorated my new room with some of these lovely design tips from a site called GoodFuckingDesignAdvice.com. That site is equally as delightful as the similarly blunt WhatTheFuckShouldIMakeForDinner.com.

I’m panicking because it’s almost Monday and there’s a whole lot to get done before then, but at least I still have a little over 24 hours until my next class. Also, I love our new apartment and our shower drain is now unplugged, which is absolutely delightful. (I was actually excited to shower at the gym yesterday. I am never excited to shower at the gym.) I love coming home to this place. When I make the walk from the subway to our little street, this simple wave of relaxation and pleasure slowly seeps into me, and I feel cheery and rejuvenated and content.

Anyway, I think it is important to remind myself at this moment that failing is an important part of learning, and that it shouldn’t make you quit. Quitting should come from other reasons, like extreme unhappiness, or unhealthiness, or black dank death that eats away at your soul. But not failure. Failure should lift you higher.

One of my design teachers has forbidden me from using illustration in my design work in her class anymore this semester. I was a tiny bit outraged at first, but once I emailed her about it and finally started to see her reasoning, I instantly felt much better. Gotta love open communication. The thing is, she also suggested that I might feel more comfortable in the Illustration department, which opened a whole new can of crazy in my head. Why am I paying so much when I’m still not certain what I want to do? But is she right? Am I investing time and money into the wrong field? Do I know what graphic design is? Do I know what I really want to do?

But never mind all that. I’ve given myself an hour to freak out and now I’m done. This is an exercise in expanding my horizons as a designer and as a way that I develop concepts and solutions, so fucking count me in. (Sorry, these signs posted on my wall are making me want to implement that word much more frequently into my everyday vocabulary. I’ve got 7 of them.) It’s true, I have been boxing myself in and leaning on one particular skill set of mine a little too much. Crutches like these, as I’ve learned from having perfect pitch while being a music student, can be more harmful than helpful. I’m certainly not going to quit until I’ve given it an honest go, and at the very least, I can perhaps always try to be a more illustrative-minded designer like Milton Glaser or James Victore. There’s certainly nothing wrong with that.



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