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Maybe I just need some sleep.


iPhone apps! Marathons! Oh my goodness it’s past 3am and I’m not tired!

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Initial design phase. I hope you enjoy this as much as I do.

But perhaps I should explain my concept a bit first. I thought it’d be useful to have an app that could show you your training schedule for a marathon based on how much and how long you are willing to train. It divides your training schedule up within 4 different mesocycles (endurance, lactate threshold + endurance, race prep, and taper + race), providing you with structure within which you can maintain a certain flexibility with your workouts. It also helps you keep track of which week within your training you are in, allows you to search for marathons by location or month, and has a Daily Motivation feature just for fun. Yippee.

Training plan info courtesy of Advanced Marathoning, written by Pete Pfitzinger and Scott Douglas.

Alright, on to type homework… (And the very last part of the title of this post is no longer true.)

That kind of Sunday morning.

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I miss running. I haven’t run since my race last Sunday. I am craving a run through Golden Gate Park right now. I wish I could see the swing dancers on the Eastern stretch of the park, pass the families with their strollers, the bikers and roller-bladers, the waterfall past the overpass. Or the Presidio! What a lovely set of trails. I miss you, running routes of San Francisco.

I am chained to this typography project right now. During the past couple of weeks I have felt like nothing short of a dunce. My crits were disastrous and humiliating. No, the teacher was nice enough, and some of my classmates were trying to be sympathetic and helpful, but my face was burning from the lack of talent that I was exhibiting. All I am looking for is something that seems decent and presentable for the final presentation. Forget sophistication and brilliance. I am just hanging on for dear life.

So, no running til I am finished. I am not risking it. Plus, I want to do everything I can to actually sleep next week. Seven days of sleeping, is that too much to ask?

Please tell me that life in the real world is not as bad as this.

But mind you, I am happy, and I am so glad that I’m here right now. And here is proof.

This is my home.

Today’s Type Inspiration

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From HandMade Font—New Typography Work:

The blog CMYKern has some interesting stuff in general, but the piece in particular that caught my eye was this one:

From manystuff.org:

Look at this beautiful little A:

This Paper-Made Typography from Illusion360 (made by Yulia Brodskaya) is out of this world:

This example is from the Pentagram 2009 Typographic Calendar:

Type work by Gyongy Laky:

Experimental Hebrew typography by Oded Ezer:

I love Salinger. This book cover, designed by the owner of the blog Hello Because Maybe, made me look:

This one isn’t a type project, but I have to post it:

Happy Friday!

A few exciting things!

October 16, 2010 § 1 Comment

Stefan Sagmeister is my new hero. Not only does he do amazing and inspiring work, I also love reading his answers to people’s questions for him that he has up on his website. He makes me want to work harder. I have so much admiration for him.

I get free wi-fi at the Parsons design library! Maybe I should do all my work in here.

The Boston Marathon registration is coming up. Monday at 9am, EST. YES. (By the way, does anyone have any thoughts on yesterday’s WSJ article that suggests tightening the standards for women’s qualifying times for Boston? How would you determine such a thing in a way that is fair? Regardless, I guess I’m game. All the more reason for me to sign up this year while my 3:27 time still works for me!)

My two marathon books are on the way in the mail: Lore of Running and Advanced Marathoning. Yipee! I suppose I ought to read the Once A Runner that’s on my computer in PDF form in the meantime.

So many vegan recipes floating around that I am anxious to try! Split pea soup, cornbread, macaroni and cheese, “General Tao’s Tofu”, and even pumpkin pie… yum.

The farmer’s market at Union Square is even more exciting than usual on Saturdays! Fresh farm free-ranged chicken eggs, local creamery cheeses, vegan goodies and produce galore. I love walking around and just looking (or noshing on $1 worth of pretzels).

Happy Saturday, everyone.


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I just slept for almost 14  hours straight. I think that may be a new personal record—one of many this semester. Another personal record is not sleeping at all for 3 Monday nights in a row.

Obviously, this is not sustainable.

At least I feel better than I did yesterday afternoon. 7:30am and it’s a new day. I like being up early after a good night’s sleep. It feels fresh, and hopeful, and full of potential… yet peaceful and quiet.

At times like this I miss my Piano.

Art Direction, Take 3

October 12, 2010 § 2 Comments

Still not quite done, but I would love comments and feedback if anyone has any 🙂

My current thoughts:

  1. Brown background is a bit too dark.
  2. There could be more text/info on the homepage.
  3. Image on the Our Story Page blends in too much with the background.
  4. Map on Location page is too small and illegible.
  5. Train looks funky.

I will change this all once I get a little more sleep in me, but I’d love to hear your thoughts just the same. xoxo

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