Nighttime runs.

October 1, 2010 § Leave a comment

Tonight I ran 40 laps around the running track by my apartment (and not the inner laps). My stopwatch says 2:00:02 exactly.

Hell yeah.

I feel amazing.

My legs are full of that familiar weighty soreness all the way from my hips to my toes. Getting back into running like this is so damn satisfying, even more so because I was getting nervous about my dwindling mileage over the past two months. And I never thought I would be one to stomach 40 laps around a single track all at once, but the location of this track is absolutely gorgeous, especially at night—you can see the Triborough Bridge, whose cables are lit with twinkling lights, stands watch over it so magnificently, and the tall lights of the track and field itself light up the area in a way that makes it feel so welcoming to be there. And a lot of people are there in the evening, too, doing track workouts, playing soccer, utilizing the pull-up bars or sit-up stations, or just sitting on benches or walking their dogs. Not only that, but the view of the water on the way to and from the track is breath-taking. I love water so much, and you can see the reflection of the bright buildings of Manhattan across the way…

I will post photos sometime soon.


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