That kind of Sunday morning.

October 24, 2010 § Leave a comment


I miss running. I haven’t run since my race last Sunday. I am craving a run through Golden Gate Park right now. I wish I could see the swing dancers on the Eastern stretch of the park, pass the families with their strollers, the bikers and roller-bladers, the waterfall past the overpass. Or the Presidio! What a lovely set of trails. I miss you, running routes of San Francisco.

I am chained to this typography project right now. During the past couple of weeks I have felt like nothing short of a dunce. My crits were disastrous and humiliating. No, the teacher was nice enough, and some of my classmates were trying to be sympathetic and helpful, but my face was burning from the lack of talent that I was exhibiting. All I am looking for is something that seems decent and presentable for the final presentation. Forget sophistication and brilliance. I am just hanging on for dear life.

So, no running til I am finished. I am not risking it. Plus, I want to do everything I can to actually sleep next week. Seven days of sleeping, is that too much to ask?

Please tell me that life in the real world is not as bad as this.

But mind you, I am happy, and I am so glad that I’m here right now. And here is proof.

This is my home.


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