Christmas spirit

December 18, 2010 § Leave a comment

Another gem by Elliott Erwitt.


Hello, December morning. I was in love with November when it came, but something about you makes me want you to linger by my side for just 10 minutes more, and then just a little longer.

Can you believe how close Christmas and New Years are? They always manage to sneak up on me in a super stealthy manner and catch me slightly off guard, year after year. Their significance to me is mainly as a mile marker, a reminder that yet another increment of time has passed, that I’m about due for another one of those introspective Life Assessments to make sure that I’m okay with where I am. This naturally lends itself to a fair amount of nostalgia, sentimentality and sappiness, blended together specifically for my personal benefit. (You definitely can’t leave out the sappiness.) I will spare you the duller details, but I just wanted to highlight one specific point at this moment.

I’m determined not to forget any of the lessons I’ve learned from each and every design assignment from this past semester. Or the little gems of advice or wisdom that my teachers have offered to remind me (especially during times when I’ve felt stupid and incompetent and completely out of place) that I love what I do. My classmates have also been more wonderful than I could have hoped, and I’ve been constantly inspired by the work that they do and who they are as individuals. Being around them reminds me how much harder I need and want to work, and I have loved that we get along so well and are so good at helping each other out when prospects have seemed utterly dismal. (And it’s always nice to know that you’re not the only one who’s cried after an all-niter or on a subway car after class.) Despite the few shortcomings it may have, Parsons was definitely the right choice.

So thank you, to all of you. And to all you others in my life who have been such a blessing, and have given me comfort, made me laugh, made me smile, helped me think of perfectly ridiculous things, made me love life, and made me love knowing you. You know who you are. At least I hope you do.

And yet another Erwitt gem.

Now it is time (and I really do mean it this time) to dust away the fall-semester cares and wrap myself into marathon mode again. I absolutely delight in feeling the strength seep into my legs while the biting briskness enfolds them. I am so grateful that I’ve found this love, and I hope that it never leaves me. Boston, the NYC Half, the NYRR Half-Marathon Series… there is so much to look forward to and so much to work toward, and I honestly don’t know what I would be without them.

Oh, and I’m also thinking of bringing my violin back with me after break, since I’m not ready to invest in a piano over here yet. A little occasional Johann Sebastian therapy might be a good thing 🙂


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