Food + Infographics = Love

February 7, 2011 § 1 Comment

These would make nice kitchen posters. The first two made me think of my dear friend Alan, bartender/lawyer extraordinaire.

[courtesy of FlowingData, which always has such nice data viz links]

Pop Chart Lab sells this for $20. Not a terrible price! I like how the site lets you scroll over different parts to look at detail views.

[courtesy of Swiss Miss, who always has classy design links]


§ One Response to Food + Infographics = Love

  • Jimmy says:

    oh nice info graphs. I need to check out flowing data more often. I have it bookmarked but I forgot to stick it on my Google reader. Swiss Miss is also a good one. I have to admit I’ve been really lazy with my design searches lately and have been borrowing things from SwissMiss. How does she blog every freakin day?

    LOL, did you show the infographs to Alan yet? I’m sure it would make him happy. Either that or make him go on a rant about alcohol.

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