New Year Again

December 26, 2011 § Leave a comment

It’s gotten quite difficult for me to blog these days. I’ve¬†begun to associate my blogging with complaining, and that unsettles me. Not enough energy for fully-formed, well thought-out thoughts, either. What’s a girl to do?

I’m on the brink of a rather lonely year. Well, I suppose that depends on how you’d like to look at it. I could be all Glass Half Empty and despairing, or I could get out my pom-poms and declare it a glory year for my independence-minded self.

I’m giving up on dating and relationships for 2012. (It’s like a year-long Lent.) I need a breather, and I am just tired of being disappointed, tired of putting so much energy into diminishing returns. I’ll just trust my friends to play matchmaker for me when I am good and ready, but until then, I have plenty that I’d like to do.¬†Operation New York / Boston Marathons is ON. I intend to take the motion graphics community by storm. I want to have nice framed pictures on my walls, and a clean, clean, clean apartment like any other respectable adult. I want to cook a lot, and cook newer, more interesting dishes (homemade pasta and Southeast Asian cuisine, anyone?). I want to go to book club meetings again, and have friends over more often for dinner / dessert parties. I want to remember to look nice for my own sake. I want to be a more generous and giving person, and be READY with holiday spirit when the season comes round again next year.

After all, I can’t depend on love to secure my happiness. I can only depend on my actions.

Love Elliott Erwitt


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