Real Life, Week 2

January 15, 2012 § Leave a comment

Nope, no job yet. Or interview, for that matter.

Don’t worry, kiddos. I won’t be nothing but doom and gloom forever. But man, it’s times like these where I wish I could just retreat into a routine of endless running and the blasting of Ratatat in my room afterward.

At least I did cook up a mean batch of vegetarian fare for the week. Rarr.

It’s an uphill climb still, but the more hills you run, the better you get at them. And I mean, it’s not like I’ve run out of money yet. My three-day-a-week internship with the free coffee and Free Pizza Thursdays is… well, it’s saving my butt right now, at least. And the people there are nice, and only shoot their Nerf darts at me and my computer screen in the lovingest of manners. And it’s giving me a little extra time to not panic, or panic, as it were (glass half full or half empty kind of thing, ya know?).

One thing I just have to say… I AM SO GLAD I’M NOT IN A RELATIONSHIP. Or, worse, dating. Fuck yeah.

Because you know what? I’ve been running five days a week. I get home, I eat, I run with my running club, I design, or mope, and fire off networking emails like it’s nobody bidniss, I do push-ups, I enjoy the full width of my twin-sized bed, it bothers me less if I have a bad hair day, it’s easier to save money, and I don’t have to divide my time. I ran 46.5 miles last week at pretty good paces, and intend to do even more of the same this week. My time is all my own.

So yeah. Rockin.



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