Real Life, Week 3

January 23, 2012 § Leave a comment

This week I took a little break.

I mean, I still went to work and everything. But the job search was completely stalled. I guess I got a bit discouraged and overwhelmed. I didn’t feel like doing more of what wasn’t working, or acting blindly without a good strategy.

So I ran a lot. My weekly mileage continued to climb and I logged just under 47 miles with improvements in time to boot. Am settling in with my running buddies in HGRR, and still loving the Queensboro Bridge runs that I do. I enjoyed the most magical run through Central Park yesterday early in the morning amid light snowfall and fresh snow all around. It made 14.75 miles feel effortless and brief, and I was truly in love with my surroundings.

I also convinced Glumac to enter the Waltz-Astoria’s Singer Songwriter Competition that is this coming weekend, and he convinced me to help him out with some accompaniment on stage. Getting back into piano is challenging but a little fun, and I know it’s not long-term so it feels like an appropriate distraction for the moment. His songwriting is stellar so anything I can do to start to get it out there is a definite good cause. Also, it’s all over after this coming weekend, if not Thursday.

I’m still meeting with and talking to a lot of the right people, and my mind isn’t completely zoned out of design. So I’m not worried about losing focus. Today I met up with GT, a former student of my motion graphics teacher Nicky D, and he had some encouraging feedback and advice. And he’s been in the mg industry since his junior year in undergrad so I feel that his advice is legit. Hopefully he’s right, and all I need to do is have some confidence in my work and search out firms I admire to ask for an internship. (I have decided that an internship is the way to go for me right now. Since I think I can swing it, I might as well. Foot in the door, more contacts and networking, confidence building, training, etc.)

So, newly bruised hip aside, I’m looking forward to seizing the coming week with renewed vigor, discipline and determination… As well as a more reverent attitude toward patches of ice that find themselves beneath my running shoes.


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