2am Blues

January 28, 2012 § Leave a comment

Long run planned for tomorrow, and a busy weekend ahead, one that I keep making busier and busier without realizing it. And here I am, still up. Brilliant as always, but why else is there coffee, right?

Willpower, focus, and dedication. How else do you prove that you truly want something? How else, without these things, do you deserve it? We can’t have everything, so what are things that we want to go to our graves knowing that we have sweated and bled for? How do we want to be remembered? What will be our legacy? If we had just one more day to live, one more day to change how people see us in their minds forevermore, what would we work fervently to do to cement that coveted identity?

At the end of a race, you may tell yourself that 5 more minutes of terrible pain are all you need to endure in order to push through with your all and be satisfied thereafter with a truly honest effort, if not a precious PR or a higher finishing place. Endurance, focus, and concentrated effort, a hunger for achievement, a blinding love for the singular task that you are left to perform. No one finishes a good race mulling over their taxes, or the dishes they left in the sink, or the boy that once disappointed you. No; you check your breathing, the angle of your arms, the speed and length of your stride, lengthen your spine and lock your gaze onto the finish line and pull out the magical last kick that pulls you through the end. The pain of the moment and the immediate future are diminished trifles, for those who desire fully.

This is all mine.


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