20% complete

March 11, 2012 § Leave a comment

That’s right, folks. The tenth week of 2012 officially over, and that puts us a just a little under a fifth of the way through the year. Time passes fast once you pass the age of twenty.

Before you accuse me of being cynical, looking at it ths way actually makes me feel better about things. The freaky newness has worn off, but there is still much of the year left to make improvements in things and considerable progress in goals. Mistakes and slip-ups can still be remedied. A night of overindulgent food and drink can be overlooked in the grand scheme of things, thank goodness.

Today, unlike ten weeks ago, I have started working full time, have now gone rock climbing twice with the intention of going more and more, have made wonderful friends with the people in my running club, have committed to running all of the team’s club points races, have gotten over my dread of track workouts, and have paid off one of my school loans. That’s not a bad start, I’d say.

Time to refresh my year’s resolutions for the next ten-week period. Abstaining from dating is still a good idea while I sort out the instability in my head and try to learn to be more accepting of myself. I will cut out seafood except for fish, and will cut out alcohol except for the occasional glass of wine. I will drink more water and take vitamins daily. I will base my weekly mileage on my running goals instead of on more unreasonable factors. I will get more sleep. I will be better about following the news and forming informed opinions. I will research design daily. I will keep a cleaner apartment.

I like to think about how much has changed since January 1; since this time last year; since this time two years ago. I like to think about where I will be in another yet uncharted year. I am feeling optimistic.


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