Random Jibberish

April 28, 2012 § Leave a comment

I’m kind of brain dead. It’s been a long day / long week / long month. So, just a list of thinking points bouncing around in my head.

  • I think it’s time to throw away a bunch of my shit. A cleanse, if you will.
  • My plan to get lots of sleep tonight has, like always, been self-thwarted.
  • Hating myself takes up a ridiculous amount of time and energy. However, old habits die hard.
  • There are two things in life that I would like to achieve that are actually still under my control: running prowess and creative achievement. Dilly-dallying will only decrease the chances of these coming into fruition. (Note to self: Stop fucking around.)
  • The two things in life that are causing me the most distress at this very moment are the fact that my hair is in desperate need of a trim, and my room is cluttered as all hell. The good news is that these two things can easily be remedied by end of day tomorrow.
  • Has Death Cab ever written a single sub-par song? I’m not sure that they have.
  • Most stress that I have is self-induced. Hmmm.
  • My ideal self is a much more energetic person, among other things. But tackle first the things that you have a reasonable chance of success in achieving, right? Right.
  • Tonight, unlike the 2 or 3 nights that came before this one, I will actually fit the sheets onto my bed before sleeping in it. Wow, has it really come to this?

Ciao, folks.


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