No slowing down

May 16, 2012 § Leave a comment

Oh my goodness. I am absolutely tired to death but my mind is racing with exhaustion and manic mayhem. In a good way, I suppose. I am back in New York after a marvellous few days in San Francisco, and was welcomed this morning by the scent of increasingly summery humidity and the wonderfully familiar whirlwind of Pedestrians Everywhere. Hello, and it’s good to be back.

On last night’s red-eye I was accompanied by a demanding and whiny little girl who also happened to be winningly cute and aware of the advantages this afforded her. She actually amused me instead aggravating me, even as she kicked my leg petulantly in her sleep. And my work week thus began with half of the preferred allotment of energy reserves, and also half the time to mentally andphysically prepare for this weekend’s big race; and theI it is off to Chicago, then hello Packing And Apartment Moving it’s so nice of you to drop in so very suddenly but please won’t you come in?

Also, I have discovered…

To be continued, unless a night’s sleep leaves me relievingly fickle.


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