Summer is here!

May 24, 2012 § Leave a comment

And it’s just getting started.

Muggy days have arrived in New York, and I felt it at tonight’s track workout. It was mile repeats tonight, and after the first set, I could definitely feel a faint yet very present oppression of the sitting sweat on my skin. I was generally a bit sore and tired in addition to all that, but I was feeling far from top form. My pride kept me from wimping on that last mile—I had been slowing down considerably after each one—but my friend JF (a frequent 5-minute per miler) kindly offered to pace me for the last set so that I could at least maintain my 7 minute pace that I had slowed to. I started out  on the fast side, but he kept up the pace, and every time I began to lag he very helpfully yelled out the encouragement needed to keep me from succumbing to my body’s complaints. After the best 100-meter final dash I could muster up and half a minute of labored heaving afterward, I felt so good for the genuine effort I gave—as well as my 6:32 finish. Holla! Thank goodness for friends who push and motivate, as well as for friends who help me up and walk with me til I recatch my breath.

This summer’s races are a bit daunting, but I’m getting the seriousness of my training back on track. I mean to make progress, and I will do whatever I can to get there, to be healthy and strong, to be lean and fast. (This probably should include sleep, too, though. Why am I so bad at this?)

My friend KU is visiting me for a couple days, and over dinner tonight we talked about the struggles she’s been going through with her Doctorate of Music program in Illinois. She’s one of the most driven, focused, motivated, thorough, and passionate people that I know, and I have the utmost respect and love for her for that. Our conversation tonight was so refreshing and invigorating; her passion is inspiring and strengthens the fire under my own. Tonight I made a vow to uphold my own careful focus and dedication.

Speaking of which, the new intern CL at my motion graphics internship always makes me feel like he’s working harder than I am. I’m not about to be left behind.


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