Relay Race + Impending Birthday + Schmaltzy Sentiment

December 9, 2012 § Leave a comment

Ran another race today—the Ekiden relay with NYC Runs. I really love these relays with my team, where it’s just a million of us in our teams of 4 or 5, varying groups of people and abilities all mashed together, all running together, with different costumes, not really caring who comes in faster or slower. Last night I was feeling a little morose, and one of the things that comforted me a little was the thought of being able to run this morning. I wanted it for the individual act of running, but being around everyone today added so much more. 

Was feeling a little glum when I got back home this afternoon, but some bourbon (Jim Beam—didn’t like it first, but I warmed up to it) and roasted butternut squash (probably too much olive oil, but delicious) and an indulgent spoonful of almond butter for good measure put me in better spirits. Today is the last day of being 26. Birthdays always feel like a privately significant moment to me. I don’t like the idea of big parties or celebrations for myself, but I prefer to really think about what’s changed in my life since the year before and what I want to make happen this next time around.

I’ve met so many good people this year. So many wonderful people, people who I can confide in, be inspired by, hug every time I see them, people who I can joke around with in the most ridiculous ways, and run with, and care about. That’s probably the most important thing to note. These people who I surround myself with, and keep in touch with, and think about… they’ll help me move forward.


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