Week 1

July 7, 2008 § Leave a comment

6/30 M: 2.17 mi (15 min)
7/1 T: 5.95 mi (50 min)
7/2 W: no time
7/3 R: 5.95 mi (50 min)
7/4 F: 5.95 mi (1 hr)
7/5 St: not enough sleep
7/6 Sn: failure—intended 13 mi, instead ran 2 mi and turned around: not enough sleep

Week Total: 22 miles

The week before went great, but this week I had so much trouble getting to sleep after work.  Depression started kicking in.  But bad sleep means bad running, so I need to do something about this—sleeping pills, slapping myself and just getting over it—whatever it takes, as long as I don’t gravitate towards the computer again.

Taking today off, too.  I’ll kick it back in tomorrow, because I will get a good night’s sleep tonight.  This is the problem for saving long runs for when they’re scheduled instead of getting them all in when you’re feeling up for it.  I think I’ll use the online marathon schedule more as a flexible minimum-guideline.  I’ve got a fairly good idea of how my body works by now, anyhow, and I seem to be pretty capable of whipping up a 40- or 50-mile week out of nowhere, as last week shows (I hadn’t done very much consistent running the couple of weeks before that).  

I need NIN on an iPod again.


Week -1

June 29, 2008 § Leave a comment

I am running the NYC Marathon on Nov. 2, 2008.
In order to secure my spot, I agreed to raise $2,750.00 for Team Continuum by Nov. 18, 2008, which will provide cancer patients and their families with vital non-medical assistance to help them with the negative ways in which diagnosis has affected their lives.

I got my plane tickets with my United Miles and so paid only $5 for them.
I paid my $176.00 marathon registration fee (incl. whatever misc. fees there are).
I made my first required $100.00 donation for my fundraiser.

I’m also thinking of putting on a benefit recital in October or so to help raise this money. Yes, with piano. Yes, you’re invited, and so is everyone you know. Yes, I’m practicing again… and it feels good. (Is this some miracle?) I know what venue I want to book, and maybe it’ll just be me, maybe I’ll get some other people onto the program—I’m not sure yet, but the planning process has been building momentum inside my head since Monday night.  

Are you excited?  Cuz I am.

That said, I need to get on this fundraiser/recital/marathon prep.

M 6/23: 2-hr run (13 mi?)
T 6/24:  1.5-hr run (9 mi?) 
W 6/25: too sore to run
R 6/26: 1.5-hr run (9 mi?)
F 6/27:  2-hr run (13.63 mi) 
St 6/28: resting legs

Total for Week No. -1: 44 mi

Thank you, mapmyrun.com!

I think I need more protein.

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